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Spring 2024

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Student presentation


I am a first generation, non-traditional college student in the dedicated pursuit of my formal education since 2018. At the age of eighteen, with a high-school diploma in hand, I registered at my local college, fully intending to continue my formal education. Uncertainty about how I would pay for school, along with the lack of motivation and support, fueled my fears and caused me to back out at the last minute. Shortly after working for a year in an office job I jumped headlong into adulthood, getting married at nineteen and starting a family at twenty-one. Once our children entered the picture I fully embraced the role of wife, mother to our four kids, and full-time home-maker. I pushed my desire to go to college so far on the back burner that I did not think it was for me anymore. Now, nearly three decades after graduating from highschool, I am about to walk across the stage and receive my Bachelor degree!

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Bachelor of Applied Science


Margaret Sass, J.D., Ed.D.


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