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The Second Annual Treasure Valley Survey was conducted September 5-8, 2017 and surveyed 1000 adults currently living in Ada, Canyon, Boise, Gem, and Owyhee counties. The survey sample was designed to be proportional to county population, with Ada County accounting for 67.7% of respondents, followed by Canyon County (26.7%), Gem County (2.7%), Boise County (1.5%), and Owyhee County (1.3%). Respondents were asked about their attitudes concerning a variety of topics, including the Treasure Valley economy and economic development, housing, employment and wages, taxes, and public spending priorities. GS Strategy Group, a Boise-based polling firm, administered the survey on behalf of the School of Public Service. Treasure Valley-wide results have a margin of error of +/- 3.1%. The margin of error for individual counties is as follows: Ada (+/- 4%), Canyon (+/- 6%), Boise (+/- 19%), Gem (+/- 25%), and Owyhee (+/- 27%). Because of the large margins of error for the less populated counties, caution should be used when interpreting county-specific results. Similarly, because the 2016 survey did not include Gem and Boise Counties, observations about year-to-year changes are not perfect comparisons. Year-to-year comparisons in this report utilize the full five-county results; however, no meaningful statistical differences exist when only the same three counties surveyed in 2016 are examined.