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Idaho is a dynamic, growing state. It is home to the 9th fastest growing population, the 5th youngest population, the 6th most fertile population, and the 8th largest average household size in the United States. Migration accounts for nearly half of recent population growth in the state. Idaho’s population is also becoming increasingly dense, as the more urban counties of Canyon, Ada, Kootenai, and Twin Falls continue to grow more rapidly than surrounding areas, and more diversified, as minority populations continue to increase.

Idaho’s economy has experienced growth and diversification as well. With a wide range of exports and industries, Idaho has a strong labor market and an atmosphere that promotes business success. Tourism has also increased significantly, bringing in increasing numbers of out-of-state visitors, money, and jobs. This data, along with other relevant economic and demographic data, is highlighted in this short report.


This report was prepared by the Idaho Policy Institute at Boise State University School of Public Service.