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Idaho’s transportation system and infrastructure are vital to the state’s economy. Transportation infrastructure can help spur responsible growth in terms of employment, job creation, business retention, and property development. However, Idaho, like most states, is facing critical issues in its transportation system. Declining revenues and escalating debt service will reduce Idaho’s ability to maintain its transportation infrastructure in a state of good repair. Ultimately, without adequate investment in its transportation system, Idaho’s economy and its people will be negatively impacted. Yet Idahoans are not aware of the deteriorating transportation system or the negative consequences of underfunding it. By engaging the citizenry and key transportation stakeholders regarding this issue and offering policy alternatives adopted by peer states, Idaho can move toward instituting dedicated funding sources for transportation infrastructure which is critical to Idaho’s future economic competitiveness and vitality.


This report was prepared by the Idaho Policy Institute at Boise State University and commissioned by Idaho 2020.