Improving the Probabilities of Success of Expatriate Managers in the Global Organisation of the 21st Century

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As globalisation begins to accelerate, the need for personnel to staff organisations will reach a critical juncture. Two issues appear to be heading for conflict: 1) the need for adequate supply of global managers; 2) the need to change the staffing regimen of the past to meet the needs of the evolving global organisations. While there has been an ongoing debate in the academic literature about the effectiveness and the rate of success of expatriate managers, it is increasingly clear that that selection, training/development, compensation, performance appraisal of expatriate managers will have to change to reflect current environmental/political circumstances. We address the modifications that need to be made to the historic/traditional concept of expatriation to include creative solutions and means of implementing them as a way for expatriate managers to fit the staffing requirement of the 21st century global organisation. One might say, that it could be 'a last ditch' effort to improve the probabilities of success of expatriate managers in global organisations.