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To being the innovate challenge, we were presented with five undeveloped properties that we needed to turn into something innovative, filled the needs of the community, was feasible, and grounded in evidence. Our wish was to build something so that Downtown Boise could become a place that truly fostered a sense of community, and culture, while emphasizing education by bringing together everyone from adults to children, students to businessmen, and urban to suburban. This vision was formalized through the construction of our idea: to build a large, interactive Boise City Museum. This museum would take visitors on an interactive journey through the world, from dinosaurs, to Idaho history, to space exploration. We wanted visitors to experience education, to not only learn about history in a classroom; therefore, the Boise City Museum would offer an IMAX experience as well as a public-access planetarium. These innovations would not only allow potential partners like Boise State University, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard the chance to have a foothold in the community, but also they would inspire young students through sponsoring an exhibit. However, our vision did not stop with the Boise City Museum, we wanted to foster all of the arts, so we added an amphitheatre that could house different plays, local orchestras and support other arts. Next to the amphitheatre, a shopping center called The Marketplace is set; it is a place that will be supportive to small, local businesses and restaurants. This place will have beautiful architecture to provide a breathtaking first glimpse of Boise when exiting the connector. Other innovative aspects to our design was the addition of pedestrian bridges to encourage walking and bicycling; also a parking garage, to help address some of the space issues business people downtown experience. Our design, the Boise Exploration Project, is a large scale, innovative project designed around Boise’s strengths as a community.

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