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To make Boise more livable, we will create an Urban Outdoor Nirvana, the city within our city. This will increase livability by offering alternative transportation, building a cultural community, and promoting entrepreneurship. Our alternative transportation area will be a center for people to rent cars, bikes, access the city's busing system, and enable citizens to help the environment while reducing congestion in the downtown area. To build culture and community, we will develop a unique mid-sized concert house to attract the most innovative and cutting-edge artists to our city. We will also create an artistically themed garden filled with local art creations, which will be a place for people to gather and enjoy Boise's unique art culture. To enhance entrepreneurship opportunities and community, our urban-outdoor village will include a children's museum, a volunteer center, and building space dedicated to local and start-up programs. A plaza in the center of the village will allow for community festivals and markets.

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Urban-Outdoor Nirvana Presentation.pptx