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Servant Leadership



I have had the privilege of being a Celebrate Recovery Leader for five years now. I lead a group of women through a class that is about nine to twelve months long and in that time frame, I get to witness a beautiful transition right before my eyes. Women, typically, attend this class because they are struggling with a hurt, habit, or hang up and the light in their eyes has been snuffed out by life’s challenges and they forgot their passion in life. But after attending this class for about six months, they begin to recognize their value and discover their self-worth. What I learned by attending leadership courses at Boise State University is that my style of leading is called ‘Servant Leadership’, and I have been hooked ever since. This paper intends to define servant leadership, discuss the traits of servant leadership, and how I have embraced this style of leadership in my life experiences. This paper also describes how that leadership style has impacted my involvement with the community projects for obtaining the LEAD Certificate at Boise State University.