Thor Hanson


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Join author and biologist Thor Hanson for a deep dive into the buzzing world of bees - not just the familiar honeybee, but miners, masons, leafcutters, cuckoo bees, and many more. Exploring their fascinating evolution and biology reveals why these essential pollinators are so critical, and how their future is inextricably linked to our own.

Hanson is a Guggenheim Fellow, a Switzer Environmental Fellow, and an independent conservation biologist. He has co-hosted the PBS Nature series American Spring Live, and has appeared as a guest on programs ranging from NPR's Fresh Air to On Point, Science Friday, The World, The Splendid Table, and Book Lust with Nancy Pearl. Hanson is the author of Buzz, The Triumph of Seeds, Feathers, and The Impenetrable Forest. His popular articles and essays have appeared in publications ranging from Audubon and Orion to The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, The Los Angeles Times, The American Scholar, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post.