Nursing Students' Evidence-Based Knowledge of IM Injections

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Pam Strohfus


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine if final semester nursing students have an evidence-based knowledge about preparing and administering intramuscular injections.

Background: Intramuscular injections (IM) have been integral to drug administration in nursing practice for almost half a century. Unfortunately, great variation exists among nursing preceptor techniques and often students feel more comfortable asking peers for information than seeking evidenced-based resources themselves. Once students enter the workforce, they may continue to use their learned techniques, which may or may not reflect current best practice.

Methodology: A descriptive study of final semester students at Boise State University School of Nursing will be conducted. Institutional Review Board approval was obtained through Boise State University. Students will be surveyed using the Intramuscular Injection Survey, which asks questions about students’ knowledge, skills and confidence related to IM injection.

Results: This study will document Intramuscular Injection Survey results from 60 final semester nursing students. Survey results will be obtained in late March.

Implications: There are a range of knowledge, skills, and confidence that nursing students require for safe administration of intramuscular injections. Final semester nursing students may lack evidenced-based knowledge in preparing and administering intramuscular injections. This study will help identify knowledge gaps.

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