Development of Involuntary Hold Process for Individuals with Dementia: Application of Delphi Method

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Toevs


This study was conducted as a component of a larger initiative to develop an appropriate process for emergency care for individuals in crisis with dementia. A current barrier is that Idaho statutes seem to exclude the dementia population from involuntary holds. IC 66-329 excludes “aged” individuals from being held involuntarily (I.C 66-329 13-A). To approach this problem two rounds of iterative Delphi survey process using a web-based survey tool were conducted. The results were presented to the stakeholders group. The presentation given to the stakeholders outlined the themes identified for the five sections of the process; initiation of hold, documentation of condition, initial action, filing protocol, and hearing protocol. In addition, the mean level of satisfaction, ranging from 2.6 to 3.2 on a scale of one to four, was shared with the group. This information provided a foundation for discussions about whether to edit the current involuntary hold statute, developmental disabilities statute, or create an entire new statute. A new statute is currently being formed by a work group to be presented to the legislature next year.

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