Strangulation in Domestic Violence Cases: A Public Health Issue

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Student Presentation

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Jane Grassley


Purpose: The purpose of this project was to create a comprehensive database of scientific research related to the medical care for victims of strangulation in domestic violence.

Rationale: Strangulation in domestic violence first emerged from criminal justice and medical research, which led to important changes. Only recently has significant research been devoted to identifying its scope and significance in victim fatalities and survivor health. Development of best practices continues to be a challenge.

Description: The goal of this ongoing project is to identify best practices for the medical treatment of strangulation. National experts compiled extensive files of relevant literature. This resource became unmanageable, so a team of scholars constructed a database of literature related to strangulation.

Outcomes: The new database is currently being presented nationwide. Preliminary feedback indicates that the new database will greatly enhance the ability of professionals working with victims to quickly access current best practices for the care of strangulation survivors.

Conclusions: This project continues to be important in understanding both the scope of strangulation within domestic violence and understanding how best to care for survivors. Accurate data and the ability of professionals to access that data are vital for identification and treatment of victims of strangulation.

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