Submissions from 2017

Healthy Habits, Healthy U: A Primary Cancer Prevention Program, Mikayla Finley, Marcus Chapa, Alicia Anderson, Mary Pritchard, Vicky Jekich, and Kyle Young

Strangulation in Domestic Violence Cases: A Public Health Issue, Michael Gerritsen

Development of Involuntary Hold Process for Individuals with Dementia: Application of Delphi Method, Annalise Goyette

Ankle Prophylactic Devices Prevent Excessive Inversion, Wyatt Ihmels


Breastfeeding-Family-Friendly City Assessment, Avalon Leddy, Anna Spafford, Kona Estes, Rebecca Benedict, Heather Brady, Mina Craig, Tamara Hazen, Kalyn Morgan, and Suzanne Gersten

Can Technology Improve Engagement and Confidence in an Undergraduate Research Class?, Hannah Lentz and Brittney Simmons

Exploring Learning Experiences In a Research Class, Brittney Simmons

Nursing Students' Evidence-Based Knowledge of IM Injections, Chelsea Tindell