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Caile Spear


In the U.S., approximately one­third of cancer deaths are a result of poor nutrition and sedentary behaviors (ACS, 2015) and since 2008, cancer has been the leading cause of death in Idaho (CCAI, 2014). The American Institute of Cancer Research (2015) indicates about 50% of the most common cancers could be prevented by reducing negative health habits or by adopting positive ones.

The topic of cancer is only briefly mentioned in the Boise School District's eighth­grade health curriculums, thus the motivation behind the Healthy Habits Healthy U (HHHU) program. The program was designed to inform students about the relationship between cancer risks and nutrition, physical activity, and sugar sweetened beverages. After the HHHU program, teachers administered surveys to the students to determine the program's impact on their knowledge of health habits related to decreasing cancer risks and measure their behavioral intent when it came to changing negative health habits. After analyzing the Fall 2015 data, it was found that there was a 71.06% increase in knowledge when identifying cancer risks and a 75.48% increase when identifying ways to prevent cancer risks