What's Your Status? Collaborating with Community Partners to Promote HIV Awareness and Screening

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Student Presentation

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Lucy Zhao


Purpose. The purpose of the community health promotion project is to collaborate with community partners to promote human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) awareness and screening among high-risk populations.

Background. HIV infection is prevalent among high-risk populations including intravenous drug users, commercial sex workers and men who have sex with men. Routine HIV screenings can lead to early detection of HIV infection and prevent acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and promote health. However, the overall rate of HIV screening is still low among high-risk populations. Barriers to screening include fear and stigma associated with requesting/seeking HIV screening and lack of patient and public education about HIV.

Project Description. From August to December 2015, senior nursing students in a baccalaureate program collaborated with several community organizations to plan and implement an HIV awareness and screening promotion project among high-risk populations. Students designed and distributed HIV educational materials including flyers, posters, and surveys in downtown of a northwest city, at a local behavioral health center, and on campus of a state university. Students also conducted HIV screening and education at the local behavioral health center and on the state university campus.

Outcomes. Students screened and educated 97 individuals in the community. Through the community health promotion project, students promoted HIV awareness and screening among high risk populations.

Conclusions. Collaboration with community partners is an effective way to promote HIV prevention and screening. Future HIV prevention and screening should involve community partners with emphasis on HIV education and prevention.

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