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Uwe Reischl


To decrease the heat stress that service dogs experience, a novel protective vest was developed. The initial prototype was created in 2015 and the laboratory tests demonstrated that "it can reduce solar heat radiation exposure by 65% while not imposing measurable insulation heat gain" (Seward, 2015).

The focus of this next phase of research is to determine the heat attenuation properties of various breeds of dog fur. The fur samples were collected from a local dog groomer and will be tested in a Boise State laboratory. Determining the heat attenuation properties of dog fur is an underlying factor that is intrinsic to moving forward with further prototypes of Kamiah's Kool Vests. This project was named after a career changed service dog that is one of the service dogs that lead to the insights that are the foundation for this project. Implications of this phase of research and future research phases will also be discussed.