Living Well in Idaho

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Student Presentation

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Sarah Toevs


Living Well in Idaho is a program sponsored by Friends in Action to help low income seniors with chronic health problems. Living Well strives to build the confidence and motivation of participants to manage their chronic diseases. The Living Well program is comprised of six-weekly workshops led by pairs of trained leaders and uses goal-setting and problem-solving strategies to help people manage pain, fatigue and stress, and develop better exercise, nutrition, and disease management practices. I was provided with both pre and post surveys covering a span of three years from participants who have completed the program. The purpose of this presentation is to report on three years of pre and post survey data from participants who have completed the program regarding the effect of the chronic disease on the participant’s life. I will be summarizing the data by averaging the data in the surveys and projecting what the data states. Based on the data and responses in the surveys, I will attempt to detect the story of the program and offer my suggestions for the program.

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