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Sarah Toevs


Senior refugees often face great challenges in the process of resettling in the United States. In addition to the struggle to gain Basic English language skills to pass the Citizenship Exam, they are most likely to suffer other health issues related to their age status. The purpose of this qualitative study is to look into barriers to health as they are related to health literacy in older refugee population enrolled in ELC program and its impact on their access to healthcare. Data gathering will be accomplished using three methods including: searching the materials presented in the (ELC)class for health literacy contents, gathering stories and information informally from class members about health needs and health communication skills needed to access health care, interviewing class instructor about her perception about health literacy and health communication presented in class, and gathering information from volunteers about their previous experience with material presented in class about health literacy. This study provides the foundations for further future research assessing health literacy in the older refugees population.