Type of Culminating Activity

Graduate Student Project

Graduation Date


Degree Title

Master’s of Applied Historical Research



Major Advisor

Lisa Brady


The Conservation in Idaho Oral History Project: Oral Historiography, Process and Practice, is a combination of analytical and practical application and overview of the field of oral history. The analytical overview identifies the two major themes in oral history, academic and community, by analyzing the scholarship, including criticisms and progress of the field. It examines the different methodological approaches to oral history as well as the multidisciplinary use of the field. It also examines the process that the author went through when researching, conducting and interpreting her own oral histories for the Conservation in Idaho Oral History Project. Lastly, this thesis project includes the complete oral history collection compiled by the author. Interviews included in this collection are Cecil Andrus, Russell Heughins, Rick Johnson, Kenneth Robison and Kevin Sligar. Complete abstracts and indexes included for each oral history and full transcripts for the Cecil Andrus and Kevin Sligar interviews.