Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Asia: A Look at the Philippines and Vietnam

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This study attempts to bridge macro-level research regarding the country context for entrepreneurship, and research focusing on the individual's identification of entrepreneurial opportunities. At the country level, critical "entrepreneurship framework" conditions are addressed. At the individual level, we draw upon research linking entrepreneurial opportunity identification to prior knowledge and the potential entrepreneur's social context, particularly embeddedness in networks. These issues are discussed in light of the history and context of entrepreneurship in Vietnam and the Philippines.

Interviews with approximately 200 entrepreneurs were conducted in these two countries (104 in Vietnam and 94 in the Philippines). Content analysis of the interviews indicated that entrepreneurial opportunities in Vietnam were very strongly related to the entrepreneur's prior work experience. In the Philippines, there was a much greater proportion of opportunities that were identified through family. There was also a higher proportion (relative to Vietnam) of opportunities stemming from identification of opportunities independent of prior work, family, friendship, or other contacts among entrepreneurs in the Philippines. This study's findings are related to country context, and implications for future research are discussed.

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