Serbia Chooses Aggression

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Winter 1994


Using economic sanctions levied against Serbia, governments in the West are promoting the replacement of Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic by some opposition figure. Such a change in personalities, they believe, would help to bring an end to the war in Bosnia. Unfortunately for this policy, the West's preferred opposition party, the Serbian Renewal Movement (Srpski pokret obnove), was recently emasculated by the arrest of its leader Vuk Draskovic.[1] But, with or without Draskovic, one must question whether any of the current opposition leaders in Serbia would be an improvement over Milosevic where the Serbian national question is concerned. Outsiders desperately want to believe that a superior alternative must exist to Milosevic--can all Serbs be as brutally nationalistic as he? But while Serbian politicians differ on many important economic and political issues, the national question is not often one of them.

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