Submissions from 2023

Community Policing in the United Kingdom, Joanne Klein

Abolitionist Twilights: History, Meaning, and the Fate of Racial Egalitarianism, 1865-1909, Raymond James Krohn


Haunted in Desolation: The Murder of Captain John Gunnison, Reconsidered, Todd Shallat

Submissions from 2022


Extinction and Its Interventions in the Americas, Germán Vergara and Emily Wakild


What’s a Guanaco?: Tracing the Llama Diaspora Through and Beyond South America, Emily Wakild

Submissions from 2021


From War Zone to Biosphere Reserve: The Korean DMZ as a Scientific Landscape, Lisa M. Brady


The 1950s: The Ironies of American Power, Andrew Finstuen


"I Am a Woman, I Am Quite Aware of My Own Capabilities": The Distinctive Voice of Franciszka Urszula Radziwiłłowa on Love, Marriage, and Freedom, Lynn Lubamersky


Underground Devotions: The Day-to-Day Challenges of Practicing an Illegal Faith, Lisa McClain

Submissions from 2020


Closing the Gap: Increasing Student Voice on Campus to Improve Understanding of a General Education Program's Goals, Daniel Hopkins and John Bieter


Harmonious Insurrections: “Labor Progressivism” and Working-Class Power in Washington State, 1886–1919, Shaun S. Nichols

Araguaia e Ilha do Bananal: Um Paradoxo da Conservação e do Uso Compartilhado de Recursos no Brasil, Emily Wakild


Llamas Are Having a Moment in the US, but They’ve Been Icons in South America for Millennia, Emily Wakild

Middle Modernisms: Collecting and Measuring Nature in the Peruvian Amazon, Emily Wakild


Saving the Vicuña: The Political, Biophysical, and Cultural History of Wild Animal Conservation in Peru, 1964–2000, Emily Wakild

Una Guía para la Enseñanza de Historia Ambiental: Diez Principios de Diseño, Emily Wakild and Michelle K. Berry

Submissions from 2019


Mountain, Militarized: North Korea, Nuclear Tests, and Nature, Lisa Brady


Environmental War, Lisa M. Brady

Valuing the Wounds of War: Korea's DMZ as Nature Preserve, Lisa M. Brady

War from the Ground Up: Integrating Military and Environmental Histories, Lisa M. Brady


Anna Stanisławska’s Orphan Girl of 1685: Autobiography of a Divorce, Lynn Lubamersky


A Thousand Years Ago, the Catholic Church Paid Little Attention to Homosexuality, Lisa McClain

Foundations in Tactical Nuclear Warfare, 1945-1953, David M. Walker

Submissions from 2018


Ground-Penetrating Radar Surveys to Investigate the Roman Colony of Libarna: Augmenting Drone and Electrical Resistivity Data, John H. Bradford, Katherine Huntley, Hannah Friedman, and Michael Boyles


Sowing War, Reaping Peace: United Nations Resource Development Programs in the Republic of Korea, 1950–1953, Lisa M. Brady

The Best Police Officer in the Force: Chief Constables and Their Men, 1900-39, Joanne Klein

Stratégies des Femes dans les Musées de Sciences en Californie (XIVe-XXe Siècles), Leslie Madsen-Brooks

Divided Loyalties?: Pushing the Boundaries of Gender and Lay Roles in the Catholic Church, 1534-1829, Lisa McClain


How the Catholic Church Came to Oppose Birth Control, Lisa McClain


Pope Francis Won't Support Women in the Priesthood, but Here's What He Could Do, Lisa McClain


Bombed and Gassed into Oblivion: The Lost Oasis of Damascus, Karen Pinto


Interpretation, Intention, and Impact: Andalusi Arab and Norman Sicilian Examples of Islamo-Christian Cartographic Translation, Karen Pinto


A Panorama of Parks: Deep Nature, Depopulation, and the Cadence of Conserving Nature, Emily Wakild

A Primer for Teaching Environmental History: Ten Design Principles, Emily Wakild and Michelle K. Barry


American Military Culture and the Strategic Seduction of Remote Warfare, David M. Walker

Submissions from 2017


St. Roch Military Marches in Wallonia: Historical Memory, Commemoration and Identity, Erik J. Hadley


Žumberak: A Sixteenth-Century Refugee Settlement Zone, Nicholas J. Miller


In God's Eyes: The Sacrality of the Seas in the Islamic Cartographic Vision, Karen Pinto


Half the World: Refugees Transform the City of Trees, Todd Shallat (editor), Kathleen Rubinow Hodges (editor), Errol D. Jones (editor), and Laura Winslow (editor)

The Nature State: Rethinking the History of Conservation, Wilko Graf von Hardenberg, Matthew Kelly, Claudia Leal, and Emily Wakild

Protecting Patagonia: Science, Conservation and the Pre-History of the Nature State on a South American Frontier, 1903-1934, Emily Wakild


“An Agonizing Death”: 1980s U.S. Policy on Iraqi Chemical Weapons During the Iran-Iraq War, David M. Walker

Submissions from 2016


The Search for a Plural America: Protestant and Enlightenment Authority in American History, Andrew Finstuen


War and Peace in Vilnius, Lynn Lubamersky

Medieval Islamic Maps: An Exploration, Karen C. Pinto


The Other Idahoans: Forgotten Stories of Boise Valley, Todd Shallat, Colleen Brennan, and Molly Humphreys


The History Behind Philippine President Duterte’s Obama Insult, Shelton Woods


The Sino-Philippine South China Sea Dispute, Shelton Woods

Submissions from 2015

Americano, Americano, John Bieter

Showdown in the Big Quiet: Land, Myth, and Government in the American West, John P. Bieter Jr.

"I Don't Know Where I Am—Boise or the Basque Country": Diaspora Identity Travel and Tourism, John P. Bieter and Nina M. Ray

Nature as Friction: Integrating Clausewitz into Environmental Histories of the Civil War, Lisa M. Brady

On a Mission: Priests, Jesuits, "Jesuitresses," and Catholic Missionary Efforts in Tudor-Stuart England, Lisa McClain

Constantine and God: Imperial Theocracy for the Christian Divinity in the First Christian Emperor's Beliefs and Policies, Charles Matson Odahl


“It Broadens Your View of Being Basque”: Identity Through History, Branding and Cultural Policy, Nina M. Ray and John P. Bieter

Framing the Empty: Technology as Progress in Photography and Art, Todd Shallat


River by Design: Essays on the Boise River, 1915-2015, Todd Shallat (editor), Colleen Brennan (editor), Mike Medberry (editor), Roy V. Cuellar, Richard Martinez, Erin Nelson, Travis Armstrong, Doug Copsey, Sheila Spangler, Emily Berg, Dean Gunderson, and Michael Gosney


From Archive to Evidence: Historians and Natural Resource Litigation, Jennifer A. Stevens

Books from 2014


Becoming Basque: Ethnic Heritage on Boise's Grove Street, John Bieter (editor), Dave Lachiondo (editor), John Ysursa (editor), Larry Burke (editor), Patty A. Miller (editor), and Todd Shallat (editor)


The Department of Defense and Its Precursors: History, Responsibilities, and Policies (1770s - Present), Lisa M. Brady


Playing Dixie: Idaho's States' Rights Alliance and the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Jill Gill

The Power and the Glory: Idaho's Religious History, Jill K. Gill


Latinos Continue to Fight Racism in Idaho, Errol Jones

Latinos in Idaho: Making Their Way in the Gem State, Errol D. Jones


Kith, Kin, and Neighbors: Communities and Confessions in Seventeenth- Century Wilno by David Frick, Lynn Lubamersky


Unique and Incomparable: The Exceptional Life of the First Female Doctor in Poland, Regina Salomea Pilsztynowa, Lynn Lubamersky


Elizabeth Cary and Intersections of Catholicism and Gender in Early Modern England, Lisa McClain


Hope for the Dammed: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Greening of the Mississippi, Todd Shallat


Acts of Courage, Acts of Culture: The Wilderness Act and Latin America, Emily Wakild

Submissions from 2013


Branding Basques, Bilbao, and Boise: Marketing as Metaphor for History, John Bieter and Nina M. Ray

Latinos and the Churches in Idaho, 1950-2000, Errol D. Jones


The Hispanic Profile Data Book for Idaho, Errol D. Jones, Rosaura Conley-Estrada, and Greg Hill


Vigilante Violence vs. Freedom of Choice in Marriage: The Foray/Zajazd in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the 18th Century, Lynn Lubamersky


A Synthesis of Expertise and Expectations: Women Museum Scientists, Club Women and Populist Natural Science in the United States, 1890–1950, Leslie Madsen-Brooks


Troubled Consciences: New Understandings and Performances of Penance Among Catholics in Protestant England, Lisa McClain


Coping with Conquest, Todd Shallat


Machines in Desolation: Images of Technology in the Great Basin of the American West, Todd Shallat

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in American History, Todd Shallat


Local, Simple, Fresh: Sustainable Food in the Boise Valley, Todd Shallat, Larry Burke, and Guy Hand

Surviving Minidoka: The Legacy of WWII Japanese American Incarceration, Russell M. Tremayne and Todd Shallat


Environmental Justice, Environmentalism, and Environmental History in Twentieth-Century Latin America, Emily Wakild


Gray Love: The Career of Gov. John Early in the Cordilleras, Shelton Woods

Submissions from 2012


From Battlefield to Fertile Ground: The Development of Civil War Environmental History, Lisa M. Brady

War Upon the Land: Military Strategy and the Transformation of Southern Landscapes During the American Civil War, Lisa M. Brady


The Obama Effect: A Radical Rorschach Test, Jill Gill

Quiet and Determined Servants and Guardians: Creating Ideal English Police Officers, 1900-45, Joanne Klein


"I nevertheless am a historian": Digital Historical Practice and Malpractice Around Black Confederate Soldiers, Leslie Madsen-Brooks


Neither Single nor Alone: Elizabeth Cellier, Catholic Community, and Transformations of Catholic Women’s Piety, Lisa McClain

Where Was the Serbian Havel?, Nick Miller


Red Tide Rising: Fears from the 1950s Haunt Obama in 2012, Todd Shallat


Down and Out in Ada County: Coping with the Great Recession 2008-2012, Todd Shallat (editor), Larry Burke (editor), and Bethann Stewart (editor)

A Revolutionary Civilization: National Parks, Transnational Exchanges, and the Construction of Modern Mexico, Emily Wakild

Parables of Chapultepec: Urban Parks, National Landscapes, and Contradictory Conservation in Modern Mexico, Emily Wakild

Submissions from 2011

Caught in the Middle: Navigating the Clergy-Laity Gap During the Vietnam War, Jill Gill

Idaho’s 'Aryan' Education: Martin Luther King, Jr., Day and Racial Politics, Jill Gill

Embattled Ecumenism: The National Council of Churches, the Vietnam War, and the Trials of the Protestant Left, Jill K. Gill

Out from Shadows Up from Fields: From Mining to Farming and Ranching, Mexicans Have Transformed the 43rd State, Errol D. Jones

Women, Disability and Violence: Strategies to Increase Physical and Programmatic Access to Victims’ Services for Women with Disabilities, Lisa R. McClain

Yugoslavia’s 1968: The Great Surrender, Nick Miller

Working the Land: The Stories of Ranch and Farm Women in the Modern American West, Sandra K. Schackel


Growing Closer : Density and Sprawl in the Boise Valley, Todd Shallat (editor), Brandi Burns (editor), and Larry Burke (editor)

The Idaho Adventure, Nancy Wilper Tacke and Todd Shallat

RMAs, Hybrid Wars, and the Gaza Flotilla Incident, David Walker


Inculcate Tehran: Opening a Dialogue of Civilizations in the Shadow of God and the Alborz, Michael Zirinsky

Books from 2010

Invisible Men: The Secret Lives of Police Constables in Liverpool, Manchester, and Birmingham, 1900-1939, Joanne Klein

Constantine and the Christian Empire, Charles Odahl

Cicero and the Catilinarian Conspiracy, Charles M. Odahl


Making Livable Places: Transportation, Preservation, and the Limits of Growth, Todd Shallat, David Eberle, and Larry Burke

Oil for China: The Sino-Russian Waltz, Shelton Woods

Books from 2009

Jedediah Smith: No Ordinary Mountain Man, Barton H. Barbour

Basque Environmental History, John Bieter

Lay People Can Teach: Rural Life, Edwin O'Hara, and the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, 1920-1960, John Bieter

Devouring the Land: Sherman’s 1864-65 Campaigns, Lisa Brady


The Early Nuclear Age and Visions of Future War, David M. Walker

Submissions from 2008


Life in the DMZ: Turning a Diplomatic Failure into an Environmental Success, Lisa M. Brady

‘Leaving at His Own Request’: Les Démissions Volontaires d’Agents de Police Britanniques (1900-1939), Joanne Klein

Beyond the First 50: The Status of Idaho Women Lawyers Today, Lynn Lubamersky

Improving Campus Climate for Faculty from Underrepresented Groups, Lisa McClain, Cheryl Schrader, and Janet Callahan

Return Engagement: Intellectuals and Nationalism in Tito's Yugoslavia, Nick Miller

Conflicted Objectives: The NCLBA vs. a Flat World, Clifton Wickstrom, John Bieter, and Diane Boothe

Submissions from 2007

Lorenzo’s Letters: A Basque Immigrant’s Experience in the American West, John Bieter

Traffic, Telephones and Police Boxes: The Deterioration of Beat Policing in Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester between the World Wars, Joanne Klein

"They Have Taken Away My Lord": Mary Magdalene, Christ's Missing Body, and the Mass in Reformation England, Lisa McClain

The Nonconformists: Culture, Politics, and Nationalism in a Serbian Intellectual Circle, 1944-1991, Nick Miller

American West Chronicle, Walter TK Nugent, William Francis Deverell, and Barton H. Barbour


Constantine the Great and Christian Imperial Theocracy, Charles Matson Odahl

Ethnic Landmarks: Ten Historic Places that Define the City of Trees, Todd Shallat

Submissions from 2006

The Failure of Force: Policing Terrorism in Northern Ireland, Joanne Klein

Changing Understandings and Interpretations of European Christianity, Lisa McClain

Nationalism and Policymaking in the Balkans, Nick Miller

Submissions from 2005


Omaechevarria v. State of Idaho: The Worth of Basques in Idaho, John P. Bieter

Un Legado que Perdura: La Historia de los Vascos en Idaho, John P. Bieter and Mark L. Bieter


The Wilderness of War: Nature and Strategy in the American Civil War, Lisa M. Brady

The Shooting of Pedro Rodriguez, Errol D. Jones

A Long Struggle: Mexican Farmworkers in Idaho, 1918-1935, Errol D. Jones and Kathleen R. Hodges


Irregular Marriages: Unorthodox Working-Class Domestic Life in Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester, 1900-1939, Joanne Klein

Women in Irish Dance in San Francisco, 1900-1935, Lynn Lubamersky

Serbia and Montenegro, Nick Miller

Submissions from 2004

Jedediah S. Smith and Marcus and Narcissa Whitman: Mountain Men and Missionaries in the Far West, Barton Barbour

Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Asia: A Look at the Philippines and Vietnam, C. Christopher Baughn, Victor A. Lim, Lihn Thi My Le, Kent E. Neupert, and Shelton Woods

'This Terrible Conflict of the American People’: The Civil War Letters of Thaddeus Minshall, Lisa M. Brady

Patriotism, Protestantism, and America’s Christian Image: The National Council of Churches Protests the Vietnam War, Jill K. Gill

Preventing a Second Massacre at Wounded Knee, 1973: Methodists Mediate for Peace, Jill K. Gill


The Politics of Ecumenical Disunity: The Troubled Marriage of Church World Service and the National Council of Churches, Jill K. Gill


"Moving On," Men and the Changing Character of Interwar Working-Class Neighborhoods: From the Files of the Manchester and Liverpool City Police, Joanne Klein

Lest We Be Damned : Practical Innovation and Lived Experience Among Catholics in Protestant England, 1559-1642, Lisa McClain


Postwar Serbian Nationalism and the Limits of Invention, Nick Miller

Constantine and the Christian Empire, Charles Matson Odahl

Submissions from 2003

The Fur Trade, Barton Barbour

The Decline of Real Ecumenism: Robert Bilheimer and the Vietnam War, Jill K. Gill

Writing the History of Latinos in Idaho, Errol D. Jones and Kathleen Rubinow Hodges

Inheritance, Custom, and Economic Power among Polish Noblewomen: The Case of Barbara Radziwiłłowa, Lynn Lubamersky

The Patronage System and Women’s Political Activity in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 18th Century, Lynn Lubamersky


Using What's at Hand: English Catholic Reinterpretations of the Rosary, 1559–1642, Lisa McClain

Western Women's Lives: Continuity and Change in the Twentieth Century, Sandra K. Schackel

Submissions from 2002

Kit Carson and the ‘Americanization’ of New Mexico, Barton Barbour


The Political Price of Prophetic Leadership: The National Council of Churches and the Vietnam War, Jill K. Gill

The 'Wild Woman' in the Culture of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Lynn Lubamersky

Without Church, Cathedral, or Shrine: The Search for Religious Space Among Catholics in England, 1559-1625, Lisa McClain

Mihiz in the Sixties: Politics and Drama Between Nationalism and Authoritarianism, Nick Miller

Books from 2001

Fort Union and the Upper Missouri Fur Trade, Barton H. Barbour


National Self Perception Among the Lithuanian Nobility: Evidence from the Radziwiłł Family, Lynn Lubamersky


The Myth of Cambodia's Recovery, L. Shelton Woods

Books from 2000

An Enduring Legacy: The Story of Basques in Idaho, John Bieter and Mark Bieter


The Children of Cain: Dobrica Ćosić's Serbia, Nick Miller


Ecology in Policymaking: Water and the Restoration of America's Snake River Plain, Todd Shallat

Submissions from 1999

Women and Political Patronage in the Politics of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Lynn Lubamersky


Beyond Journalism, Nick Miller


The Nonconformists: Dobrica Cosic and Mica Popovic Reinvision Serbia, Nick Miller

Submissions from 1998

Expatriate Global Investment and Squatter Displacement in Manila, Shelton Woods

The Disciples of Christ in the Philippines, Shelton Woods

Submissions from 1997

Patent Laws and the Public Good: IPR Protection in Japan and the United States, C. Christopher Baughn, Michael B. Bixby, and Shelton Woods

World War II and Latin America, Errol D. Jones

A Failed Transition: The Case of Serbia, Nick Miller

Between Nation and State: Serbian Politics in Croatia before the First World War, Nick Miller

Reconstituting Serbia, 1945-1991, Nick Miller

Searching For a Serbian Havel, Nick Miller

Early American Missionaries in Ilocos, Shelton Woods

Submissions from 1996

Ilocano Immigration and the Attitudes of American Missionaries, Shelton Woods

Ilocanos and the 1896 Philippine Revolution, Shelton Woods

Submissions from 1995


Two Strategies in Serbian Politics in Croatia and Hungary Before the First World War, Nick Miller

Books from 1994


Snake: The Plain and Its People, E. B. Bentley, Bill Bonnichsen, John C. Freemuth, Bill Hackett, Glenn Oakley, F. Ross Peterson, Mark G. Plew, Todd Shallat, and Steve Stuebner

Yugoslavia, Nicholas J. Miller

Serbia Chooses Aggression, Nick Miller

Submissions from 1993


Barbara Stanwyck: Uncommon Heroine, Sandra Schackel

Books from 1992

Latin American Military History: An Annotated Bibliography, David G. LaFrance and Errol D. Jones

Social Housekeepers: Women Shaping Public Policy in New Mexico 1920-1940, Sandra K. Schackel


Imperial Power and Dictatorship: Britain and the Rise of Reza Shah, 1921-1926, Michael Zirinsky

Submissions from 1988

The Mexican Electrical Industry: Conflicts and Issues, Errol D. Jones

Submissions from 1986


Blood, Power, and Hypocrisy: The Murder of Robert Imbrie and American Relations with Pahlavi Iran, 1924, Michael Zirinsky