2019 Graduate Student Showcase

Title of Submission

Tallgrass Prairie Restoration: Denying a Deadly Legacy

Degree Program

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, PhD

Major Advisor Name

Marie-Anne de Graaff

Type of Submission

Scholarly Poster


Current threats to the tallgrass prairie are invasion by non-native plants. The biological mechanisms facilitating invasion are unknown; alterations in belowground processes may play fundamental roles for success. Study objectives; 1) assess above- and belowground consequences of invasion by, Bothriochloa bladhii; 2) eradicate invasive; assess restoration management practices. Above- and belowground, species composition, soil biotic, abiotic parameters were assessed. Eradication, using solarization tarps, of B. bladhii was initiated spring 2016. Tarps were removed at the end of the growing season. We established treatments assessing inoculation with native AM fungi and establishment of native species while suppressing re-establishment of the invasive.

Funding Information

U.S. Department of Defense, Long-Term Ecological Research - Konza Prairie

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