2019 Graduate Student Showcase

Degree Program

Electrical and Computer Engineering, PhD

Major Advisor Name

Jim Browning

Type of Submission

Scholarly Poster


Magnetrons can be phase-locked using external systems. An experimental setup using Gated Field Emission Arrays for the modulated electron injection offers a potential solution to this problem by permitting the injection of electrons into the interaction space. Current work focusses on extending previous simulation results into 3-D. A commercially available industrial cooker magnetron (the L3 CWM-75kW) has been successfully simulated by using the 3-D PIC code VSim under the magnetron’s typical operating conditions (18kV, 5A, 1900G, 896-929GHz). The simulation generated results that are consistent with known experimental results in terms of power and frequency.

Funding Information

This work is supported by the Air Force Office Office of Scientific Research under award #FA9550-16-1-0083