2019 Graduate Student Showcase

Title of Submission


Degree Program

Visual Arts, MFA

Major Advisor Name

Chad Erpelding

Type of Submission

Visual or Performing Arts Presentation


Caitlin Harris is a multidisciplinary artist, printer, and designer. Her work engages with political and social justice issues, utilizing printmaking as a tool for expression, interpretation, and dissent. Caitlin is interested in community interventions that create connections and facilitate change through dialogue and collaboration. The production of alternative media is a tool for affirmation and resilience. By providing accessible resources to facilitate self-representation, Caitlin’s work creates opportunities to examine and reframe underrepresented ideas. Dissonance in layout, form, and structure engages the viewer and encourages active participation. Printed content becomes sculptural and interactive, contains hidden content, and transforms to reveal a complexity of ideas.

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