2019 Graduate Student Showcase

Degree Program

Material Science, MS

Major Advisor Name

Brian Jaques

Type of Submission

Scholarly Poster


Reliable, high-temperature, high-pressure transitions between ceramic heat exchangers and metal components enable higher efficiency in advanced power generation systems. Recent development of a novel cermet-filled seal ring design has shown potential to maintain a gas-tight seal through multiple thermal cycles up to 800­ ºC. Materials characterization and computational modeling provided insight to chemical behavior (i.e., solid-state diffusion) and mechanical integrity (i.e., stress) in the seal components. Results demonstrate a correlation between machining tolerance, assembly process, and diffusion behavior on the seal’s performance in ceramic-to-metal systems and helped guide the design efficacy of future seals.

Funding Information

U.S. Department of Energy under SBIR Award Number DE-SC0015118