2018 Graduate Student Showcase

Title of Submission

Routine Million-Particle Simulations of Epoxy Curing with Dissipative Particle Dynamics

Degree Program

Materials Science and Engineering, Ph.D.

Major Advisor Name

Eric Jankowski

Type of Submission

Scholarly Poster


Mesoscale simulation techniques have helped to bridge the length and time scales needed to predict the microstructures of cured epoxies, but the prohibitive computational cost of simulating experimentally relevant system sizes has limited their impact. In this work we develop an open-source plugin for the molecular dynamics code HOOMD-Blue that permits epoxy crosslinking simulations of millions of particles to be routinely performed on a single modern graphics card. Using these capabilities, we are able to use ensembles of epoxy processing pathways to obtain realistic bond kinetics and relaxation times that sensitively depend on stochastic bonding rates and a diffusive drag parameter respectively. This work also demonstrates the first implementation of fully customizable temperature-time curing profiles with dissipative particle dynamics and the largest cross linked structures obtained using molecular dynamics simulation. Finally, we evaluate the ability of this model to predict the glass transition temperature of the toughened epoxy systems.

Funding Information

The Boeing Company contract BRT-L0217-0072

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