Nursing Faculty Perceptions of a Virtual Reality Catheter Insertion Game: A Multisite International Study

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Faculty and nursing professionals participated in a usability study of a second-generation Virtual Reality Sterile Urinary Catheter Insertion Game (VR SUCIG). Background: Faculty are key decision makers in acquiring technologies that lead to learning and retention of psychomotor skills in nursing. Methods: Fourty-six nursing faculty and professionals from 8 US and 1 Australian nursing school participated. Participants played the VR SUCIG and completed the System Usability Scale (SUS) and a User Reaction Survey. Results: The SUS for the second generation of the VR SUCIG was 47, or low-medium usability. User reactions were mixed. Participants stated the game was fun, challenging, and engaging, but were frustrated with technical issues, and did not enjoy learning to function in the virtual environment. Conclusions. Nursing faculty and professionals had mixed reactions to the VR SUCIG. Further game refinement is needed.


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