Geo-Vision, an Internet Prototype Tracking System for Geology Related Information

Type of Culminating Activity

Graduate Student Project

Graduation Date


Degree Title

Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies



Major Advisor

Dr. Walter Snyder


Geo-Vision is a prototype system for entering, updating, and visually analyzing geology related information via the Internet. Design of the Geo- Vision system started in 1998, however, full implementation of the system was not feasible until National Science Foundation (NSF) funding enabled full development of the conceptual design for the system and demonstration of the system's functionality on-line. The system is hosted at Boise State University, with end users participating in the development phases at the US Geological Survey (Reston, Virginia), University of Northern Iowa, and Slippery Rock University. Geo-Vision is primarily being developed as a tool for establishing and documenting type sections for the geologic time scale, thus focusing on sedimentary, paleontologic, and stratigraphic data. However, the system was designed to accommodate other geologic data as well, such as geochemical and paleomagnetic information. It is also envisioned that the system will be a valuable tool in helping address a variety of questions related to the evolution of sedimentary systems.


The interdisciplinary studies associated with this project are Education and Geosciences.

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