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This project was funded by the U.S. Geological Survey Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center to catalog the location, temporal extent and purpose of non-USGS streamflow datasets. As part of this project, roundtable meetings convened local, state and federal agencies, and nonprofits to explore the complexity of gathering and integrating the identified datasets and identify issues surrounding data-sharing across organizations.

This report synthesizes discussions from each of the state roundtable discussions convened in the spring of 2022, and highlights common challenges and needs across the region. Additional information from organizations not able to be present at the meetings were added after one-on-one discussions with organization members.

Information gathered through these discussions highlights the importance of streamflow data, multitude of data purposes, the need for additional data, and support for data management and quality assurance.


This report is associated with the following dataset:

Kaiser, K.E.; Blasch, K.; and Schmitz, S. (2023). Dataset for Streamflow Data Catalog for the Pacific Northwest. [Data set]. ScholarWorks, Boise State University.

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