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The Late Permian and Early Triassic conchostracans from the Babii Kamen section (Western Siberia) were studied. The conchostracans were collected from the section during the field work in 2015–2018. It was found that the conchostracans from the Babii Kamen section are characterized by a rather high taxonomical diversity: we identified five Late Permian conchostracan species (Pseudestheria novacastrensis (Mitchell, 1927), Cornia papillaria (Lutkevich, 1937), Megasitum harmonicum Novojilov, 1970, Megasitum lopokolense Novojilov, 1970, and Echinolimnadia mattoxi Novojilov, 1965) and two Early Triassic species (Concherisma tomensis Novojilov, 1958, Cyclotunguzites gutta (Lutkevich, 1938). The discovered conchostracan species occur frequently in the Permian and Triassic sections of other regions and are useful for regional biostratigraphy and interregional correlation.

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