Applications for ICESat-2 Data: From NASA's Early Adopter Program

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NASA's Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) mission, scheduled to launch no later than April 2018 (and currently slated for October 2017), is being developed to continue the multiyear observations of the earth's surface elevation, ice, and clouds started by ICESat. To increase the use of the satellite data after launch, the ICESat-2 mission invested in an applications program aimed at innovatively applying the data in a variety of fields. The program provides a framework for building a broad and well-defined user community during the prelaunch period to maximize the use of data products after launch and to provide early insight into the range of potential uses of the mission data. Ideas and research on how altimetry data will be used for decision making arise from the end users; therefore, the ICESat-2 mission is extending itself through its applications program.


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