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Download A STEP UP: Boise State improves its lot as a new member of the Western Athletic Conference. (584 KB)

Download GOING THE DISTANCE: Travel has the power to transform how we view the world. (1.0 MB)

Download HEALING THE HEART: Trip to New Zealand helps author cope with spouse's death. (339 KB)

Download CULTURAL CHANGE: Foreign students adapt well to life in Boise. (334 KB)

Download WAR STORY: Travel is more than just moving from one place to the next. (655 KB)

Download SOMEWHERE ELSE: International studies program helps students expand their global awareness. (307 KB)

Download SO LONG: Twenty-six retirees combine for six and a half centuries of service. (558 KB)


New sights. New smells. New people. New places. Travel involves all this and much more. In this issue of FOCUS, we explore the power of travel to change our perceptions of ourselves and the world, and look at some of the reasons why it is so important to leave home. We also introduce you to some Boise State travelers who have visited the world's far reaches, as well as international students who have brought their world to Boise. Cover collage by John Kelly.

Record Group Number

UP 4.12

Publication Date

Summer 2001


Boise State University