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Download RARE BREED: Welcome to the Idaho Statehouse, where Democrats are scarce. (815 KB)

Download BEHIND THE SCENES: Campaign manager works to keep GOP front-runner out in front. (214 KB)

Download POLITICAL MARATHON: Democratic caucus director and distance runner faces an uphill race. (247 KB)

Download DEMOS' WOES: Party leader: Beware, without diversity there is no dissent- not even dialogue. (144 KB)

Download ONE SIDED? NAH: GOP chief: Republican dominance in Idaho isn't as vast as it seems. (115 KB)

Download YOU BE THE JUDGE: Did partisan politics lead to Supreme Court justice's election loss? (581 KB)


In a country dominated by a two-party political system, Idaho's overwhelming Republican majority is just one more example of the state's rogue image. But residents – politicians and common folk alike - refuse to be defined by political affiliation alone. Examples of individual thought prevail in both parties. This issue of FOCUS examines how we got the way we are and how the state's political stance affects policy issues. Cover illustration by 2000 graduate Andy Stauffer.

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UP 4.12

Publication Date

Fall 2000


Boise State University