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Download BUSINESS BUSYNESS: As the world speeds up and information pours in, businesses find innovation is crucial. (975 KB)

Download FINDING THEIR MUSE: Boise State professors in a range of disciplines share how they tap into their creativity. (679 KB)

Download CREATIVE CLASSROOMS: In an era of standardized tests, it's important students also learn to innovate, educators say. (645 KB)

Download SCIENTIFIC METHODS: Physics professor Dewey Dykstra writes about the role creativity plays in science. (376 KB)

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There s no exact formula for creativity. We funnel together inspiration, perseverance, experience, emotions and serendipity -and sometimes we manage to distill the unwieldy mix into something new and wonderful. In this issue of FOCUS, we explore the creative spirit and how it manifests itself in our increasingly complex and busy world, where technology links us more closely than ever and time is often the most precious commodity of all. Bill Carmnn cover illustration.

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UP 4.12

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Summer 2000


Boise State University