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Download DEATH AT AN EARLY AGE: As a teenager's life nears the end, his family struggles with the inevitable. (696 KB)

Download A MOTHER'S ORDEAL: A mom's maternal instincts help her sick child beat the odds. (202 KB)

Download THE LUCKY ONE: A BSU student who survived a fatal auto accident copes with the loss of his friend. (465 KB)

Download HISPANIC VIEW OF DEATH: The Hispanic approach to death is filled with healing and comfort. (244 KB)

Download THOSE LEFT BEHIND: There is help for the loved ones of those who have taken their own lives. (377 KB)

Download SUICIDE WATCH: A BSU professor heads a hotline to combat the scourge of suicide. (139 KB)


Most of us do not like to talk about death. There is nothing pleasing about the topic. But tucked away in our conscience is the knowledge that we will die - all of us. In this issue of FOCUS, we share the inspirational stories of some who have watched death take a young loved one. Their stories help us understand and cope with death's effect on us. Chuck Scheer cover photo.

Record Group Number

UP 4.12

Publication Date

Spring 1998


Boise State University