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Download INVISIBLE NO MORE: Acii Nancy is one of Uganda’s “Invisible Children” who survived that country’s war and, in the process, experienced things that no teenager should have to endure. Yet despite the deaths of her parents and her own extended illness, Nancy was determined to fi nish her education – and her determination has brought her to Boise State. (308 KB)

Download POLL WORKERS: TRAINING A NEW GENERATION: Boise State students could Boise State students could Boise State students could become the core of a new generation of poll workers in the Treasure Valley, bringing new blood and a tech-savvy outlook to this essential Election Day duty. (223 KB)

Download LAUNCHING HER NEXT ENDEAVOR: NASA’S First teacher in Space, Barbara Morgan, launches a new career encouraging science, technology, engineering and math education. (198 KB)

Download PARTNERING FOR K-12 EDUCATION: University researchers will partner with three Treasure Valley science education centers to create locally focused lessons designed to stimulate an interest in science. The program will be funded by the largest National Science Foundation grant ever awarded to Boise State. (146 KB)

Download MORRISON CENTER RAISES THE CURTAIN IN 25TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: The Morrison Center for the Performing Arts 25-year anniversary celebration with a Sept. 20 performance and a public celebration. (104 KB)

Download BEHLER NAMED NEW VOICE OF THE BRONCOS: Bob Behler, former radio voice for University of Massachusetts athletics, is the new Voice of the Broncos. (60 KB)

Download BOISE STATE HOMECOMING 2008: Students, alumni and community members will gather for Homecoming Sept. 8-13, culminating in the football game against Bowling Green. (96 KB)

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