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Download 2005 MASTER PLAN CALLS FOR FUTURE CAMPUS EXPANSION: Boise State’s master plan reflects its march toward becoming a metropolitan research university of distinction. (95 KB)

Download BOISE STATE RECEIVES RECORD $24.2 MILLION FOR RESEARCH: Research grants reached an all-time high of $24.2 million, boosting not only scholarly activity but also BSU’s reputation. (67 KB)

Download WIMBLEDON WINNER JOINS ELITE GROUP OF FORMER BRONCOS: Former Bronco Wesley Moodie and his doubles partner win big at Wimbledon. (61 KB)

Download THE SEARCH FOR LEWIS AND CLARK: Archaeologist Christopher Hill is part of a team tracking the Corps of Discovery’s campsites. (60 KB)

Download KOREAN EDUCATORS LEARN ABOUT UNITED STATES THROUGH BOISE STATE: Korean educators visit Boise State for a taste of the American experience. (40 KB)

Download THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE AT BOISE STATE: On its path toward greater excellence in research and teaching, Boise State continues to be enhanced by the depth and breadth of its diverse student body. (909 KB)

Download STUECKLES' GIFT TO BENEFIT RESEARCH: Biology professor Julia Oxford is the first recipient of a genetics research award funded by Duane and Lori Stueckle. (51 KB)

Download BSU HELPS BROTHERS EARN ENTRY TO OXFORD: For brothers and BSU alumns Ravi and Gopal Gupta, the future is an open book. (149 KB)


From freshmen right out of high school to doctoral candidates, Boise State’s students contribute to the university’s stature and reputational currency, while profiting from its award-winning faculty, innovative programs and groundbreaking research. This issue of FOCUS takes a brief look at the student experience at Boise State. Cover photo of freshman Ryan Smith and student-athlete Lee Marks (below) by John Kelly.

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UP 4.12

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Fall 2005


Boise State University