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Download FROM THE INNER CITY TO THE CITY IF TREES: A group of inner-city students from a Los Angeles church discover an unexpected fit in the Gem State. (157 KB)

Download MAJOR DIFFERENCE: WHEN THE UNEXPECTED PATH IS THE RIGHT ONE: In today’s competitive educational environment, many students find themselves focusing on the destination rather than the journey. As these students and alumni demonstrate, taking time to enjoy and explore can lead to new passions or a total change of course. (282 KB)

Download HARNESSING THE DRAGON: FORGING ACADEMIC TIES WITH CHINA: As China builds its academic infrastructure, a growing number of faculty are strengthening ties through research and collaboration. (268 KB)

Download ICONS TO IMPACTS: 10 THINGS WE LOVE ABOUT BOISE STATE: What do you love about Boise State? Here are 10 things on our list. (273 KB)

Download FROM THE FRYER TO THE SALT FLATS: A team of engineering students and recent graduates hopes to break a land speed record using recycled vegetable oil for fuel. (128 KB)

Download MR. BRATT'S OPUS: A YEARLONG CELEBRATION: A yearlong celebration will recognize the contributions and passion of former professor and musician C. Griffith Bratt. (636 KB)

Download A SCRAPPY PLAN RAISES SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS: Bill “Action” Jackson is turning scrap metal into student support through an innovative scholarship fundraising project. (131 KB)

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