Heritage and Cultural Heritage Tourism: International Perspectives

Heritage and Cultural Heritage Tourism: International Perspectives



This book presents the state of the art on cultural heritage and tourism globally. Divided into four themes of historical and economic contexts; building resilient societies; de-colonization, community, and placemaking; and empowerment and social capital, the book analyses the relevance of heritage and includes case studies in sustainable cultural heritage. It offers vital context and guidance for those working in heritage management and also presents emerging cultural heritage challenges and opportunities.

The volume presents a research agenda for understanding the role of heritage in identity, ecology, health and well-being and its application to heritage tourism. It discusses the need for partnerships between tourism and cultural heritage management and the need to establish better information sharing for establishing joint research initiatives. The central importance of sharing and incorporating Indigenous and/or local voices in order to expand tourists' understanding of cultural heritage runs throughout the volume. The book highlights on-the-ground tools and guidance for cultural heritage resource managers and includes a discussion on emerging and convergent challenges such as the impacts of COVID-19 and climate disasters, featuring heritage and tourism from across the globe with emphasis on the dynamic situation in East and SE Asia. A concluding chapter summarizes themes and trends and future directions for this area of research with a focus on theoretical contributions. This book is of interest to heritage scholars and practitioners.





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Cham, Switzerland


anthropology, archaeology, cross-cultural management

Heritage and Cultural Heritage Tourism: International Perspectives