Juxtaposing Cultural Artifacts to Peel the Onion of Hegemony

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In this chapter, I intend to delineate the sources of antipedagogical practices and the unseen consequences to society. In addition, I will describe the workshop presented at the Third International Conference on Education, Labor and Emacipation entitle La yuxtaposición de artefactos culturales para pelar la cebolla de hegemonía: Pedagogía Crítica en la sala de clase. This workshop is designed to reveal the damaging consequences of simplistic approaches to literacy as well as a critical pedagogical response that teachers can begin to consider in the design of lessons with the intention to democratize the classroom. I deliberately requested to provide a workshop since too many conferences consist of papers and panels of experts talking about pedagogy. While I feel these scholarly endeavors are important, I choose to represent an under-represented genre of bringing theory and practice together in a workshop format.

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