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The purpose of this project is to produce a short collection of out-of-print children’s stories that would be suitable for first grade level readers. Stories selected for the collection fit the theme of being seasonally themed and include animals as main protagonists. Under the guidance of Dr. Tara Penry, the class searched children’s magazines from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to find stories that would be relevant and interesting to today’s elementary schoolers.


Editors: Emily Allen, Marcus Blandford, Shannon Brennan, Brennen Keen, and Amanda Timm, and Tara Penry

Illustrator: Sarah Obendorf


  • The Dinosaur's Dance by G.F. Hill
  • How They Came to Have the Picnic by Margaret Evtinge
  • Some Twins, a Bear, and a Christmas-Tree by Sarah E. Mulliken

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