Gevgelija, Macedonia Water Park Development Project

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Student Presentation

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Sondra Miller


The Kool Kids Water Park is a development project located in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), in the city of Gevgelija. Macedonia is in the process of joining the European Union (EU), and must update its infrastructure to comply with EU standards. The completed park would act as a community gathering place for locals to relax and cool off during the hot summer. The design team was tasked with the design, layout, materials specification, and rendering of the project. The 403 m2 (0.1 acre) park will be centered around a splash pad with active and passive water-incorporated play features. Water for the splash pad will be heated via a solar water heater, which is a critical component of the park due to a local cultural belief that cold water causes illness; the water will also be treated with a combination of UV light, filters, and chlorine. An additional dry playset will be located on the site, as well as a changing room, benches, and tables for park visitors. The team is working with both governmental and non-governmental organizations in Gevgelija to implement this project.

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