Broad Street Renovation Project

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Student Presentation

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Sondra Miller


The Broad Street Renovation project provides a full design to reconstruct Broad Street from Capitol Boulevard to 2nd Street in downtown Boise, Idaho. The project is located in an area of downtown Boise designated LIV District by Capitol City Development Corporation (CCDC) and the City of Boise. LIV, which stands for Lasting, Innovative and Vibrant, is a development strategy implemented in downtown Boise to reconstruct aging areas with new public infrastructure that will enhance public use and stimulate new businesses. The LIV development strategy also implements sustainable design policies and practices to ensure innovative and efficient new infrastructure. The new design incorporates LIV sustainable strategies, and also complies with all applicable city and state design standards for public works projects.

The project scope includes a new pavement design for the entire section of Broad Street from Capitol Boulevard to 2nd Street, along with a life-cycle cost analysis. The project also provides a streetscape redesign that conforms to CCDC’s standards, and will include two schematic pedestrian signal designs to enhance pedestrian traffic and safety in the project area. A new waterline upgrade has been designed to replace the existing municipal water main and provide adequate fire flow to the existing buildings along Broad Street. Finally, a new system has designed with the goal of retaining 100% of stormwater runoff within the project area.

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