Campus Microgrid Project Morrison Hall: Unplugged

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Student Presentation

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John Gardner


The purpose of this project was to power a building using mainly renewable energy. I took part in this project by doing research on which was the most efficient combination of photovoltaic energy and a generator. Using photovoltaic energy can be very expensive and most industries won’t use it because of that. My purpose was to find an efficient way to use photovoltaic energy. I did this by using a program called HOMER. HOMER is a simulator in which you can input values and calculate the results. I put in different combinations of generators, batteries, and photovoltaic panels in order to calculate the best combination of these. With my results I realized that the best combination of photovoltaic energy and generator was to have 60 percent of the energy produced be by photovoltaic energy and the rest produced be by a 35 kW generator. This was the most efficient combination. These were the results that I was able to obtain, but I believe there is still a lot of research to be done in order to make renewable energy less expensive since using renewable energy the cost of electricity was $0.550/kWh while just with a generator the cost of electricity was $0.247/kWh.

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