Submissions from 2017

Secure Framework for Healthcare Data Management Using Ethereum-based Blockchain Technology, Chandra Adhikari


US-20 Interchange Design in Thornton, Idaho, Grady Beck, Lu Vo, Grant Moore, Abdullah Dashti, and Waleed Alharbi

Designing the Vagabonda Ranch - A Mountain Retreat Center - Boise County, ID, Aaron Bonney, Eric Jones, Dimitri Rebich, Christine Santos, and Chris Simmons

I-84 Garrity Boulevard Interchange Widening and Realignment, TJ Centanni, Haider Malik, Brandon Elizondo, Bobby Davies, and David Jamison

Density functional theory studies of Cy5 Dye interactions with DNA, Andres Correa

A Method for Detecting Stress Corrosion Cracking and the Influence Environmental Factors, Arvin Cunningham, Jessica Bottleberghe, and Dustin Greene

State Highway 19 over Succor Creek Bridge Redesign - Homedale, ID, Ryan Dummer, Trevor Sigman, Layth Ati, Mohammad Aldaihani, and Garrett Davis

Imaging of Surface Wear in Joint Replacement Devices using a Three-dimensional Structured-light Scanner, Katherine Hollar

Improving the Memory of Intelligent Personal Assistants, Daniel Kondratyuk

Energy Efficient HVAC system in Large Office Building, Taeyun Kong

Half-Heusler Thermoelectric Materials' Synthesis and Characterization, Addie Lupercio

Gevgelija, Macedonia Water Park Development Project, Darrien Miles, Ali Alshareef, Ben Focht, Tyler Hamilton, and Zahraa Alwazzan

Studies of Cy5 Chromophore Interactions – Excitonics for Quantum Computing, Eric Nelson and Andres Correa Hernandez

Railroad Park Development Project in Gevgelija, Macedonia, Anthony Newton, Omar Althaidy, Patrick Kelly, Ethan McCurdy, and Brook Bishop

An Electrical Thermometry Platform for Thermal Conductivity Measurements of 2D Materials /, Alondra Perez

High Temperature Analysis of Dysprosium Rods, Beck Perrine


Teaching A Small Robot How to Understand Spoken Language, Sarah Plane


Bunny Bot V2.0, Dylan Reen, William Burdge, Kevin Jin, and Tshering Sherpa

CuMo Mine Feasibility Study, Thomas Robbins, Naser Alotaibi, Paul Lucia, Bandar Alzufairi, and Kody Johnson

Campus Microgrid Project Morrison Hall: Unplugged, Angel Rodriguez

Oxidation-Based Sample Preparation of Nuclear Graphite for Transmission Electron Microscopy, Wontak Shin

Recreation of Purple: A Study of Color-Shifted Dyes Available for Fayum Funerary Portraits, John Paul Stroud, Alaggio Laurino, Brittany Cannon, and Benjamin Herren

Broad Street Renovation Project, Alyce Tolman, Jonah Duncan, Nic Cota, Hussain Aldhneen, and Kyle Rink

High Temperature Behavior of Zirconium Alloys, Jordan Vandegrift