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Elisa Barney Smith


A Turtlebot robot platform is being used for robotics and computer vision research at Boise State. Turtlebot is an open­source robotics platform controlled by the ROS (Robot Operating System) framework. This semester we are developing capabilities for the robot to participate in the Boise State Easter Egg Hunt, an event for children on the blue turf. The broad steps include: a) retro­fit Turtlebot with a small motor­controlled egg scooper, b) use Turtlebot’s vision hardware to identify and locate eggs and c) navigate to and pick up located egg(s). The team used 3D modelling and printing techniques to retro­fit Turtlebot with a motorized scooper controlled by an Arduino UNO and equipped with sensors. Computer vision capabilities were integrated with ROS through OpenCV Python to analyze the Kinect’s video data. Frames from the Kinect video stream were modified to minimize noise while preserving features. Frames are searched to find circular clusters of white pixels (the eggs). After a target egg is chosen, Turtlebot moves towards the egg and captures it with the scoop. Through SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), Turtlebot navigates back to its predetermined “Home” location. We utilize slow speeds and object avoidance to ensure Turtlebot was also kid­friendly