North Fork Payette River Bridge Design

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2016

Faculty Sponsor

Mandar Khanal


The North Fork Payette River Bridge, built in 1931, has exceeded its expected service life. TBD Engineering has been tasked to design a new bridge that meets right of way requirements, and will be a single span bridge with a length of 158 ft., as well as tie into McCall’s transportation plan. As a team we are going to design a possible solution by combining Structures, Environmental, Hydrology, Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering methods. Transportation will be used to design the horizontal and vertical alignments as well as the bridge lane sizes and necessary width needed to meet the requirements of McCall’s future plans and development. The road will consist of two 12 feet travel lanes, two 4 feet bike lanes, and 6 feet sidewalks on both sides. The horizontal and vertical alignments will be designed in order to meet the current road. Structures will be used to design a reinforced concrete deck that can carry the H20-44 traffic load. The parapet will also be designed using reinforced concrete. Steel will be used to design the girders as well as the spacing. We will be using RISA 3D to apply the loads to determine the sizes of reinforcement steel bars as well as girder sizes. Geotechnical methods will be used to design a foundation to support the structure as well as abutments based on the loads as well as soil structure. Environmental will be used to address storm water management and controls regarding species, dust, and air pollution during construction and to make sure the project can continue.

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