Structural and Foundation Design of Pump and Reservoir Facilities in the Bogus Basin Service Area

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2016

Faculty Sponsor

Mandar Khanal


United Water Idaho has identified two facilities in the Bogus Basin Service Area (BBSA) that need replacement, the Bogus Basin Reservoir (BBR) and the Good Street Booster Pump Station (GSBPS). The BBR and GSBPS are near the end of their design life and need to be redesigned per the new demand for the area. The BBR supplies the residential and irrigation water demand for the area, and the GSBPS supplies the fire suppression water for the area, both of which have increased in demand. Element Engineering and Alpha Engineering Associates are tasked with the redesign of these facilities to meet the new demands for the BBSA. Element Engineering will determine the BBR volume necessary to supply the residential and irrigation water demands, as well as the required number and size of pump(s) to supply the fire suppression water demands which will be housed in the GSBPS. Based on Element Engineering’s results, Alpha Engineering will determine the structural and foundation design for the BBR and the GSBPS. The BBR will consist of a cylindrical cast-in-place concrete tank with a ring foundation to support the concrete walls and mat foundation to support the bottom of the tank. The GSBPS structure will utilize masonry materials, while the foundation will include strip footings for the structure and spread footings for the pump(s).

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