Vista Station Booster Pump Renovation

Document Type

Student Presentation

Presentation Date

April 2016

Faculty Sponsor

Mandar Khanal


The city of Moscow is expecting significant growth in population in the upcoming years. The city anticipates increased demands on the water system as well as increased peak hour requirements. This project is intended to provide engineers with a design, to consider, for a booster pump station that meets current and future water supply needs as well as provides easy access to the pump for maintenance. The current Booster Pump Station is underground which makes access by maintenance workers extremely difficult. To facilitate operation and maintenance, new upgraded pumps and a new pump house structure is being designed with an additional standby pump to meet design requirement provided in case of maintenance or failure or primary pumps. Pump capacity and housing (foundation and structure) must be adequate enough to account for demand growth, be prepared for estimated fire supply, and protect pumps and generators from the climate. In addition to the pump house, an asphalt parking lot with a two vehicle capacity is being designed to enable pump house access for maintenance that also connects to a roadway with a parallel water slough to empty out into the city sewer system.

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